Package javax.xml.soap

Interface Summary

Detail A container for DetailEntry objects.
DetailEntry The content for a Detail object, giving details for a SOAPFault object.
Name A representation of an XML name.
Node A representation of a node (element) in an XML document.
SOAPBody An object that represents the contents of the SOAP body element in a SOAP message.
SOAPBodyElement A SOAPBodyElement object represents the contents in a SOAPBody object.
SOAPConstants The definition of constants pertaining to the SOAP protocol.
SOAPElement An object representing an element of a SOAP message that is allowed but not specifically prescribed by a SOAP specification.
SOAPEnvelope The container for the SOAPHeader and SOAPBody portions of a SOAPPart object.
SOAPFault An element in the SOAPBody object that contains error and/or status information.
SOAPFaultElement A representation of the contents in a SOAPFault object.
SOAPHeader A representation of the SOAP header element.
SOAPHeaderElement An object representing the contents in the SOAP header part of the SOAP envelope.
Text A representation of a node whose value is text.

Class Summary

AttachmentPart A single attachment to a SOAPMessage object.
MessageFactory A factory for creating SOAPMessage objects.
MimeHeader An object that stores a MIME header name and its value.
MimeHeaders A container for MimeHeader objects, which represent the MIME headers present in a MIME part of a message.
SAAJMetaFactory The access point for the implementation classes of the factories defined in the SAAJ API.
SAAJResult Acts as a holder for the results of a JAXP transformation or a JAXB marshalling, in the form of a SAAJ tree.
SOAPConnection A point-to-point connection that a client can use for sending messages directly to a remote party (represented by a URL, for instance).
SOAPConnectionFactory A factory for creating SOAPConnection objects.
SOAPFactory SOAPFactory is a factory for creating various objects that exist in the SOAP XML tree.
SOAPMessage The root class for all SOAP messages.
SOAPPart The container for the SOAP-specific portion of a SOAPMessage object.

Exception Summary

SOAPException An exception that signals that a SOAP exception has occurred.