Package javax.xml.rpc.holders

Interface Summary

Holder Represents the base interface for value holders.

Class Summary

BigDecimalHolder Represents the base interface for value holders.
BigIntegerHolder A BigInteger holder.
BooleanHolder A boolean holder.
BooleanWrapperHolder A boolean holder.
ByteArrayHolder A byte array holder.
ByteHolder A byte holder.
ByteWrapperHolder A byte holder.
CalendarHolder A calendar holder.
DoubleHolder A double holder.
DoubleWrapperHolder A double holder.
FloatHolder A float holder.
FloatWrapperHolder A float holder.
IntegerWrapperHolder A integer holder.
IntHolder A int holder.
LongHolder A long holder.
LongWrapperHolder A long holder.
ObjectHolder A object holder.
QNameHolder A QName holder.
ShortHolder A short holder.
ShortWrapperHolder A short holder.
StringHolder A string holder.