Package javax.sql

Interface Summary

ConnectionEventListener An object that registers to be notified of events generated by a PooledConnection object.
ConnectionPoolDataSource A factory for PooledConnection objects.
DataSource A factory for connections to the physical data source that this DataSource object represents.
PooledConnection An object that provides hooks for connection pool management.
RowSet The interface that adds support to the JDBC API for the JavaBeansTM component model.
RowSetInternal The interface that a RowSet object implements in order to present itself to a RowSetReader or RowSetWriter object.
RowSetListener An interface that must be implemented by a component that wants to be notified when a significant event happens in the life of a RowSet object.
RowSetMetaData An object that contains information about the columns in a RowSet object.
RowSetReader The facility that a disconnected RowSet object calls on to populate itself with rows of data.
RowSetWriter An object that implements the RowSetWriter interface, called a writer.
XAConnection An object that provides support for distributed transactions.
XADataSource A factory for XAConnection objects that is used internally.

Class Summary

ConnectionEvent An Event object that provides information about the source of a connection-related event.
RowSetEvent An Event object generated when an event occurs to a RowSet object.