Package javax.resource.cci

Interface Summary

Connection Represents an application handle for the client.
ConnectionFactory Creates application connection objects.
ConnectionMetaData Represents metadata about the connection itself.
ConnectionSpec EIS-specific connection information.
IndexedRecord Represents an ordered collection of elements.
Interaction Statement-like connection with the underlying EIS record.
InteractionSpec Specification for an interaction.
LocalTransaction API to a local transaction.
MappedRecord Represents an mapped collection of elements.
MessageListener Represents an mapped collection of elements.
Record Represents input or output to the execute methods.
RecordFactory Factory to create records.
ResourceAdapterMetaData Returns meta-data for a resource adapter.
ResultSet Represents results from a connection.
ResultSetInfo Returns meta-data information about the result set.
Streamable Lets a record extract data from a record.

Exception Summary

ResourceWarning Represents a warning.