Interface Summary

JMXAuthenticator Interface to define how remote credentials are converted into a JAAS Subject.
JMXConnector The client end of a JMX API connector.
JMXConnectorProvider A provider for creating JMX API connector clients using a given protocol.
JMXConnectorServerMBean MBean interface for connector servers.
JMXConnectorServerProvider A provider for creating JMX API connector servers using a given protocol.
MBeanServerForwarder An object of this class implements the MBeanServer interface and wraps another object that also implements that interface.

Class Summary

JMXConnectionNotification Notification emitted when a client connection is opened or closed or when notifications are lost.
JMXConnectorFactory Factory to create JMX API connector clients.
JMXConnectorServer Superclass of every connector server.
JMXConnectorServerFactory Factory to create JMX API connector servers.
JMXPrincipal The identity of a remote client of the JMX Remote API.
JMXServiceURL The address of a JMX API connector server.
NotificationResult Result of a query for buffered notifications.
SubjectDelegationPermission Permission required by an authentication identity to perform operations on behalf of an authorization identity.
TargetedNotification A (Notification, Listener ID) pair.

Exception Summary

JMXProviderException Exception thrown by JMXConnectorFactory when a provider exists for the required protocol but cannot be used for some reason.
JMXServerErrorException Exception thrown as the result of a remote MBeanServer method invocation when an Error is thrown while processing the invocation in the remote MBean server.