Interface Summary

Descriptor This interface represents the behavioral metadata set for a JMX Element.
DescriptorAccess This interface is used to gain access to descriptors of the Descriptor class which are associated with a JMX component, i.e.
DynamicMBean Defines the methods that should be implemented by a Dynamic MBean (MBean that exposes a dynamic management interface).
MBeanRegistration Can be implemented by an MBean in order to carry out operations before and after being registered or unregistered from the MBean server.
MBeanServer This is the interface for MBean manipulation on the agent side.
MBeanServerConnection This interface represents a way to talk to an MBean server, whether local or remote.
MBeanServerDelegateMBean Defines the management interface of an object of class MBeanServerDelegate.
NotificationBroadcaster Interface implemented by an MBean that emits Notifications.
NotificationEmitter Interface implemented by an MBean that emits Notifications.
NotificationFilter To be implemented by a any class acting as a notification filter.
NotificationListener Should be implemented by an object that wants to receive notifications.
PersistentMBean This class is the interface to be implemented by MBeans that are meant to be persistent.
QueryExp Represents relational constraints that can be used in database query "where clauses".
ValueExp Represents values that can be passed as arguments to relational expressions.

Class Summary

Attribute Represents an MBean attribute by associating its name with its value.
AttributeChangeNotification Provides definitions of the attribute change notifications sent by MBeans.
AttributeChangeNotificationFilter This class implements of the NotificationFilter interface for the attribute change notification.
AttributeList Represents a list of values for attributes of an MBean.
AttributeValueExp Represents attributes used as arguments to relational constraints.
DefaultLoaderRepository Keeps the list of Class Loaders registered in the MBean Server.
MBeanAttributeInfo Describes an MBean attribute exposed for management.
MBeanConstructorInfo Describes a constructor exposed by an MBean.
MBeanFeatureInfo Provides general information for an MBean descriptor object.
MBeanInfo Describes the management interface exposed by an MBean; that is, the set of attributes and operations which are available for management operations.
MBeanNotificationInfo The MBeanNotificationInfo class is used to describe the characteristics of the different notification instances emitted by an MBean, for a given Java class of notification.
MBeanOperationInfo Describes a management operation exposed by an MBean.
MBeanParameterInfo Describes an argument of an operation exposed by an MBean.
MBeanPermission Permission controlling access to MBeanServer operations.
MBeanServerBuilder This class represents a builder that creates a default MBeanServer implementation.
MBeanServerDelegate Represents the MBean server from the management point of view.
MBeanServerFactory Provides MBean server references.
MBeanServerInvocationHandler InvocationHandler that forwards methods in an MBean's management interface through the MBean server to the MBean.
MBeanServerNotification Represents a notification emitted by the MBean server through the MBeanServerDelegate MBean.
MBeanServerPermissionA Permission to perform actions related to MBeanServers.
MBeanTrustPermission This permission represents "trust" in a signer or codebase.
Notification The Notification class represents a notification emitted by an MBean.
NotificationBroadcasterSupport Provides an implementation of NotificationEmitter interface.
NotificationFilterSupport Provides an implementation of the NotificationFilter interface.
ObjectInstance Used to represent the object name of an MBean and its class name.
ObjectName Represents the object name of an MBean, or a pattern that can match the names of several MBeans.
Query Constructs query object constraints.
QueryEval Allows a query to be performed in the context of a specific MBean server.
StandardMBean An MBean whose management interface is determined by reflection on a Java interface.
StringValueExp Represents strings that are arguments to relational constraints.

Exception Summary

AttributeNotFoundException The specified attribute does not exist or cannot be retrieved.
BadAttributeValueExpException Thrown when an invalid MBean attribute is passed to a query constructing method.
BadBinaryOpValueExpException Thrown when an invalid expression is passed to a method for constructing a query.
BadStringOperationException Thrown when an invalid string operation is passed to a method for constructing a query.
InstanceAlreadyExistsException The MBean is already registered in the repository.
InstanceNotFoundException The specified MBean does not exist in the repository.
IntrospectionException An exception occurred during the introspection of an MBean.
InvalidApplicationException Thrown when an attempt is made to apply either of the following: A subquery expression to an MBean or a qualified attribute expression to an MBean of the wrong class.
InvalidAttributeValueException The value specified is not valid for the attribute.
JMException Exceptions thrown by JMX implementations.
JMRuntimeException Runtime exceptions emitted by JMX implementations.
ListenerNotFoundException The specified MBean listener does not exist in the repository.
MalformedObjectNameException The format of the string does not correspond to a valid ObjectName.
MBeanException Represents "user defined" exceptions thrown by MBean methods in the agent.
MBeanRegistrationException Wraps exceptions thrown by the preRegister(), preDeregister() methods of the MBeanRegistration interface.
NotCompliantMBeanException Exception which occurs when trying to register an object in the MBean server that is not a JMX compliant MBean.
OperationsException Represents exceptions thrown in the MBean server when performing operations on MBeans.
ReflectionException Represents exceptions thrown in the MBean server when using the java.lang.reflect classes to invoke methods on MBeans.
RuntimeErrorException When a java.lang.Error occurs in the agent it should be caught and re-thrown as a RuntimeErrorException.
RuntimeMBeanException Represents runtime exceptions thrown by MBean methods in the agent.
RuntimeOperationsException Represents runtime exceptions thrown in the agent when performing operations on MBeans.
ServiceNotFoundException Represents exceptions raised when a requested service is not supported.