Interface Summary

ModelMBean This interface must be implemented by the ModelMBeans.
ModelMBeanInfo This interface is implemented by the ModelMBeanInfo for every ModelMBean.
ModelMBeanNotificationBroadcaster This interface must be implemented by the ModelMBeans.

Class Summary

DescriptorSupport This class represents the metadata set for a ModelMBean element.
ModelMBeanAttributeInfo The ModelMBeanAttributeInfo object describes an attribute of the ModelMBean.
ModelMBeanConstructorInfo The ModelMBeanConstructorInfo object describes a constructor of the ModelMBean.
ModelMBeanInfoSupport This class represents the meta data for ModelMBeans.
ModelMBeanNotificationInfo The ModelMBeanNotificationInfo object describes a notification emitted by a ModelMBean.
ModelMBeanOperationInfo The ModelMBeanOperationInfo object describes a management operation of the ModelMBean.
RequiredModelMBean This class is the implementation of a ModelMBean.

Exception Summary

InvalidTargetObjectTypeException Exception thrown when an invalid target object type is specified.
XMLParseException This exception is thrown when an XML formatted string is being parsed into ModelMBean objects or when XML formatted strings are being created from ModelMBean objects.