Class DuplicateKeyException

Implemented Interfaces:

public class DuplicateKeyException
extends CreateException

The main ejb context.
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Constructor Summary

DuplicateKeyException(String message)

Method Summary

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Constructor Details


public DuplicateKeyException()
Usages and Demos :

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   1:       ejbFindByPrimaryKey(new AccountPK(name));
   2:       throw new DuplicateKeyException();
   3:     } catch (ObjectNotFoundException e) {
   4:     }
   5:     _name = name;

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   1:             p.pO();
   2:             p.pln("throw new DuplicateKeyException();");
   3:             p.pln();
   4:             p.pO();
   5:             p.pln("}");

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public DuplicateKeyException(String message)
Usages and Demos :

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   1:         } catch (AccountDAODupKeyException acd) {
   2:             throw new DuplicateKeyException(acd.getMessage());
   3:         } catch (AccountDAOAppException aca) {
   4:             throw new AccountAppException(aca.getMessage());
   5:         } catch (AccountDAOSysException acs) {

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   1:         cmpLifecycleLogger.log(Logger.FINER, msg, ex);
   2:         throw new DuplicateKeyException(msg);
   3:     }
   5:     public static void handleJDODuplicateObjectIdAsEJBException(

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