Package java.awt.color

Class Summary

ColorSpace This abstract class is used to serve as a color space tag to identify the specific color space of a Color object or, via a ColorModel object, of an Image, a BufferedImage, or a GraphicsDevice.
ICC_ColorSpace The ICC_ColorSpace class is an implementation of the abstract ColorSpace class.
ICC_Profile A representation of color profile data for device independent and device dependent color spaces based on the International Color Consortium Specification ICC.1:2001-12, File Format for Color Profiles, (see
ICC_ProfileGray A subclass of the ICC_Profile class which represents profiles which meet the following criteria: the color space type of the profile is TYPE_GRAY and the profile includes the grayTRCTag and mediaWhitePointTag tags.
ICC_ProfileRGB The ICC_ProfileRGB class is a subclass of the ICC_Profile class that represents profiles which meet the following criteria:
  • The profile's color space type is RGB.
  • The profile includes the redColorantTag, greenColorantTag, blueColorantTag, redTRCTag, greenTRCTag, blueTRCTag, and mediaWhitePointTag tags.
The ICC_Profile getInstance method will return an ICC_ProfileRGB object when these conditions are met.

Exception Summary

CMMException This exception is thrown if the native CMM returns an error.
ProfileDataException This exception is thrown when an error occurs in accessing or processing an ICC_Profile object.